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I want to use this site to express my varying views on literature and its role in my life!

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Hello! My name is Madison Hester, and I am a freshmen Computer Engineering student at Georgia Institute of Technology. My focus at Georgia Tech within Computer Engineering will be digital and audio signal processing. I plan on using my major’s focus  to create devices and apps for the hearing to communicate with the Deaf. My passion stems from a love of American Sign Language and Deaf culture, and the desire for people of all backgrounds to be able to communicate and resolve issues without miscommunication.

This website will go hand and hand with my desire of communication as I learn to effectively communicate my opinions on various topics that I am exposed to. This website, in particular, will be utilized to showcase the various writing projects that I am both working on and have completed throughout my time in English 1101. My blog will reflect my feelings on several assignments throughout the semester and I will keep an updated Works in Progress page throughout the semester as well. I am hoping that through this website both my writing communication and my writing styles will improve and attract an audience of diverse thinkers and learners.  I hope that, in addition to improving my writing, this website will inspire readers to engage in communication with those around them whether through writing or through every day conversation!